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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions for Participants/ Vendors in Mahila E-Haat

  • Must be an Indian women citizen/Women SHG/ women led enterprise.
  • Women involved should be involved in the value chain.
  • Products manufactured/services undertaken by women entrepreneurs who are 18 and more years of age.
  • Products and Services displayed and transacted through this portal should not be illegal & contraband as defined in various Acts such as Customs, Wildlife, etc. Any breach on this account shall be the sole responsibility of the participants/ vendors including legal action.
  • Both seller and buyers will have to indemnify RMK from any or all acts of transgression.
  • Self certification of the quality by the vendor is required.
  • Complete details of the products/services along with Photographs to be provided by the vendor.
  • Acceptance letter/consent/undertaking to be given by vendor for display of products/ services.
  • Provide the number of women beneficiaries in your organisation.

Other terms and conditions:-

  • Vendors must send the acceptance letter and undertaking.
  • Participants/ vendors shall deal with every defect and deficiency related to products/services and RMK shall not be responsible for any defect and deficiency.
  • Participants/ vendors shall ensure timely delivery of products/ services to the consumer.
  • The committee shall reserve all rights to select the products/services to be listed on E-Haat.
  • Participants/ vendors must ensure that all legal formalities as per the law of land are complied with for all overseas sales.
  • Participants/ vendors shall ensure that all applicable taxes are paid and relevant laws/rules and regulations followed.
  • Terms and conditions including eligibility may be changed at anytime and is the sole discretion of RMK.
  • The Participants/ vendors will receive the payment directly from the buyer.
  • Participants/ vendors are required to maintain details of transactions conducted/concluded through this portal and send quarterly report to RMK and also display the logo of Mahila E-Haat on packaging.
  • Participants/ vendors to furnish undertaking on stamp paper of minimum charges as applicable in their State can be mailed or sent by post.
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