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Chick Pea Chana-Chick Pea Chana

Chick Pea Chana

₹200 - 25 kgs.; 400 - 50 kgs.; 800 - 100 kgs. View More
Rajma (Kidney Beans) Rich in Protein-Pulses

Rajma (Kidney Beans) Rich in Protein

₹80 for 500 gms. View More
Rich in protein Kala Bhatt (Black Soyabean)-Pulses

Rich in protein Kala Bhatt (Black Soyabean)

₹30 for 500 gms. View More
Rich Soyabean-Pulses

Rich Soyabean

₹30 for 500 gms. View More
Arhar-Toor Arhar


₹150 Per Kg View More
Mung Dal-Mung Dal

Mung Dal

₹250 Gm Rs.30 /- 500 Gm Rs.60 /- 1kg Rs.120/- View More
Mung Dal  (green)-Mung Dal

Mung Dal (green)

₹250 Gm Rs.30 /- 500 Gm Rs.60 /- 1kg Rs.120/- View More
Masur Dal (Red)-Masur Dal

Masur Dal (Red)

₹250 Gm Rs.28 /- 500 Gm Rs. 55/- 1kg Rs.110/- View More
Tur Dal-Tur Dal

Tur Dal

₹250 Gm Rs.43 /- 500 Gm Rs.85 /- 1kg Rs.170/- View More
Chana Dal-Chana Dal

Chana Dal

₹250 Gm Rs.27 /- 500 Gm Rs.53 /- 1kg Rs.105/- View More
Urad Dal-Urad Dal

Urad Dal

₹250 Gm Rs.40 /- 500 Gm Rs.81 /- 1kg Rs.165/- View More
Akkha Mung-Akkha Mung

Akkha Mung

₹250 Gm Rs.18 /- 500 Gm Rs.35 /- 1kg Rs.70/- View More


₹250 Gm Rs.35 /- 500 Gm Rs.70/- 1kg Rs.140/- View More
Masoor Dal-Masoor Dal

Masoor Dal

₹250 Gm Rs.28/- 500 Gm Rs.55/- 1kg Rs.110/- View More
Green Peas-Green Peas

Green Peas

₹250 Gm Rs.20 /- 500 Gm Rs.40/- 1kg Rs.80/- View More


₹250 Gm Rs.27/- 500 Gm Rs.53/- 1kg Rs.105/- View More

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