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Mahila E-haat FAQ


1. What is Mahila E-Haat?

Mahila E-Haat is an online marketing platform for meeting aspirations and needs of women entrepreneurs/SHGs/NGOs by showcasing their products and services. The USP of this online marketing platform is facilitating direct contact between the vendor and buyer. It is easy to access as the entire business of E-haat can be handled through a mobile.

The Vision, Mission and Goal of Mahila E-haat are:

Vision: to empower & strengthen financial inclusion of Women Entrepreneurs in the economy by providing continued sustenance and support to their creativity.

Mission: to act as a catalyst by providing a web based marketing platform to the women entrepreneurs to directly sell to the buyers.

Goal: to support Make in India through digital marketing platform

2. How can I Join?

All you need to do is to fill up the join us form which can be easily downloaded from the icon Join Us. Other details, terms and conditions, etc. can be downloaded from the Download forms icon.

3. How to display products/ services on the Mahila E-haat?

a) Selection of products/services depends on the following criteria:

  • Must be an Indian women citizen/Women SHG/ women led enterprise.
  • Women involved should be in majority in the value chain/number of women beneficiaries.
  • Products manufactured/services undertaken by women entrepreneurs who are 18 and more years of age.
  • Goods and Services displayed and transacted through this portal should not be illegal & contraband as defined in various Acts such as Customs,Wildlife, etc. The suggestive details about illegal goods and services as given under various laws are available by clicking the respective links,both under download and disclaimer.
  • Both seller and buyers will have to indemnify RMK from any or all acts of transgression.
  • Self certification of the quality by the vendor is required.
  • Complete details of the products/services along with Photographs to be provided by the vendor.
  • Acceptance letter/consent/undertaking to be given by vendor for display of products/ services.
    An in-house committee will select the products/services for display. No registration fee is being charged from the vendor till 31st December, 2016 thereafter nominal fee would be charged.

b) After the product/service selection by the committee, vendor will be informed. Thereafter, Acceptance letter and Undertaking along with details of products/services are to be forwarded to RMK.

4. What are the Modes of enrolment as a Vendor/Seller?

a) Join online.

b) Send hardcopy through post to Dr Durgabai Deshmukh Samaj Kalyan Bhawan, B-12,4th Floor, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-110016

c) Email to

d) Whatsapp @ 08826909309

5. What are the products/services dealt with by Mahila E-haat?

There are 16 categories of products displayed on the portal viz., Clothing (Men, Women & Children), Bags, Fashion Accessories /Jewellery, Decorative and gift items, Home Dcor, Carpets / Rugs /Foot mats, Baskets, Linen/ Cushion Covers, Boxes, Pottery, Grocery & Staples / Organic, Natural Products, File Folders, Industrial Products, Miscellaneous. There is a services section also.

6. How the undertaking and acceptance letter can be signed and sent?

You can take the print out of the soft copy of the same and sign it It can be scanned and sent through mail or hardcopy through post.

7. Does Mahila E-haat charges any Listing fee/commission to display product/Services?

As of now, there is no fee.

8.Who select the products/services for display at the portal?

There is a selection Committee.

9. Can I join Mahila Ehaat, being a single Manufacturer/service provider?

Yes, if other relevant criterias are fulfilled.

10. Can we upload our product directly in Mahila Ehaat website?

Yes, you can. However it will go back to the administrator.

11. How to insert pictures in Excel Format?

You can put the picture numbers instead of pictures and send to us the pictures separately either via whatsapp or email. Kindly see the filled in sample for your reference.

12. Does Mahila E-haat has any branch apart from Delhi?

No, However we do conduct periodic awareness, interactive, soft intervention workshops throughout the country.

13. Facing problems regarding registration or log in?

In case you are facing any problem regarding the registration or login process, please do get in touch with us through our helpline no.01126567187 & whatsapp no. 08826909309. We would be more than happy to get back to you and help in solving issues you may face while browsing and/or participating through Mahila E-haat, as we value your participation on Mahila E-haat.

14. Shopping at Mahila E-haat

Its a direct online marketing platform and Mahila E-haat just acts as a facilitator between seller and buyer. The portal displays all contact details Name,Phone No., Mobile, Contact address and E-mail ID, including prices, deliver time,etc. Accordingly you are encouraged to speak to the vendor directly and place the order/queries.

15. Do you deliver?

Mahila E-haat being a facilitator only, you are encouraged to speak with the vendor directly and agree on the delivery mode.

16. How do I search for the product of my interest?

Enter the keyword in the box. The keyword can either be a product (e.g.artifact, necklace, etc.) or a category (e.g. bag, sarees, etc.). This would display all thumbnails images of all the products matching the keyword

17. How do I get in touch with Mahila E-haat for any help?

For questions or suggestions related to any queries, you can get in touch with our Customer Support Team by sending an email at and whatsapp @08826909309 and call @ 011-26567187.

18. Where to contact for any grievances?


The General Manager,
Mahila E-haat,
Plot No. 21, NCW building, Institutional Area,
Jasola, New Delhi - 110025.
Phone No.: 011-26944884, 26567187, 26567188,
Whatsapp no. : 08826909309, Email:,

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